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PopsMedical was born to satisfy the needs of the third-millennium trade in a "market" where professionals have to deal, on the one hand with large groups that exploit economies of scale to reduce costs and on the other with foreign "Low Price" contexts. 

Our goal is to offer all you dentists high-quality products at the price that is generally reserved for a few, too few. All this is possible by drastically reducing structural and organizational costs, minimizing all the steps between excellent production and the end-user. The clinician, in fact, already knows that the product to use does not need "moral" support, but rather to provide adequate information on the technical characteristics and advice/suggestions on clinical procedures.


Always at your side to grow together

We are always available to listen to your opinions and suggestions. With this in mind, we invite you to contact us both on the CHAT and on the CONTACT section, where you can also request customized products, or products that are currently not on the site, but that is probably already available.


High standards for high-level professionals

The products meet all the highest quality standards. We firmly believe that you make the difference with YOU, with your abilities and your experience. You are what makes a good job excellent and this ability is not acquired in any company.


Quality cannot be touched

There are no compromises between quality and price.

The final product to be a quality product, with predictable results, must follow a few simple production rules. Notwithstanding that, an excellent final result of the project remains in the hands of the clinician and is amply demonstrated also by the literature.


The production rules are few but not obvious:

  • A high degree of production accuracy, avoiding being enticed by increased productivity by reducing machine time, the real cost of the product
  • The low tolerance (One Hundred 0.01) allows to maintain a coupling between two very "intimate" mechanical parts, a tightening to the recommended torque drastically reduces unscrewing
  • The constant quality will allow returning to the building even after time with the same precision
  • Control onboard the machine with qualified tools to certify tolerance, the real reason for failures
  • 100% control on all parts and all production steps
  • Washing of emulsions, surface treatments, packaging and final verification on each lot to evaluate the design conformity
  • Verification test to evaluate the absence of carbon residues on surfaces, a real element that reduces osseointegration


If you are looking for a Brand, we are not the right partners. If you are looking for product quality, and you want to make a difference, we are honored to be your partner.


The orders are processing in less than  24H.


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