Our aim is to offer all the dentists high quality products at the right market price. All this is possible by drastically reducing structural and organizational costs, minimizing all the steps between the production and the final user.


The collaboration between PopsMedical and ANDI Emilia-Romagna has given life to the FormaER.it portal through which the employees are able to comply for FREE e-learning courses.

Our Values


  • - High precision and constant efficency
  • - Control of all parts and all production steps


  • - Products customization
  • - Projects implementation

Benefits for you!

  • - Cost reduction
  • - Order management in 24h
  • - Pre / post sales services

Advanced quality control system

PopsMedical is applying a total quality control system over all the stages of production. Every product that leaves the production line is subjected to systematic checks which guarantees total efficiency and safety.

"Always at your side to grow together"

We are always available at your disposal for any further information  and suggestions. With this in mind, we invite you to contact us both on the CHAT and on the CONTACT section, where you can also request customized products, or products that are currently not on the site, but that are probably already available.

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Best Practice

Our aim is to offer all the dentists high quality products at the right market price.

Quantity discounts

All the products are subject to additional discounts based on the amount ordered

Telephone orders

It is possible to order products by telephone

Mon - Fri +39 0546 561 581          (9:00-13:00)

Efficient logistic

We are organized to process the order in 24h

Track your package

We will provide you with a link with the code to track your package online

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